Convenient for Everyone.

When you consider the alternatives, purchasing and preparing status certificates online is a really smart choice.

For Condo Buyers:

  • No need for a certified cheque.
  • No courier cost, no need to coordinate pick-up or delivery.
  • Quick and easy: it takes less than two minutes to place your order online.
  • Instant notification as soon as the status certificate is ready.
  • Easy ordering process, no need to sign up or create an account.
  • Easily forward or copy to as many people as you need without the hassle of photocopying.

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For Property Managers:

  • Guaranteed payment, no more waiting for cheques to clear.
  • Painless record-keeping; all of your status certificate records are stored in one place.
  • No cost to property managers.
  • Fast and easy to get started, same-day setup.
  • Streamline operations; no need to photocopy the same documents every time; they are retained online. Only change the unit-specific details.
  • Works in conjunction with our other services, or as a stand-alone service.

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